Beautiful Bag of Fabric!

 Look at all this fabric!!! It's a surprise gift from my Mother, from our favourite little threads shop. There is so much of it!! This is a whole load of fourteen count all bundled up, this one in mostly blues and various yellows. Cannot WAIT to get started on these!

 It came in one huge bag for $22, and bundled inside according to count. There's a lovely green in this set of 16 count.

 I think this is the 16 count. So many in so many colours!! The odd dark-grey/brown in the middle there is actually a very pretty purple, but that colour isn't coming across too well on the camera. It's exciting, having this many options available all of a sudden!

Tiny little bag of super-soft 22 count. I don't know what I'll ever use it for, but it's got a pretty dark blue and a soft beige in there.

I'll get to work on some of my UFOs asap so I can get to cracking on this batch of fabric! So many possibilities. . . . ~x~