Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A Regular Work-In-Progress You Are

Finally new photos of progress!! I have pictures of the Woodland Sampler - finally updated - as well as the newer piece I've been working on.

I began work on the October square - the one with the branch, beside the squirrel - this morning. I'm picking out colours for the owl right now, and hope to get him done before tomorrow evening, if I don't get distracted with other blocks! If all goes as planned and I keep working on this sampler, I should be finished before the end of May!

These are slippers that go with Hanbok. This piece will be full of traditional Korean images!

This one had some colours missing that I was replacing. Yesterday my Mother and I stopped by the local threads shop again at last (The Piddlin' Patch), and I picked up the last six colours I needed for this piece and its companion. I also got the most of the remaining colours I needed for the next few projects I want to get done this year. I'm cleaning up my list of projects and going through my patterns - I'll get plenty done the remainder of this year, I hope!