New Computer!

I finally got the browser correct with my old computer, for it to have been, quite literally, destroyed. I'm on my lovely new one, which cost under $300, and decidedly not compatible. I'll have to do something about it, but not yet. DX

I've picked up stitching at last, in amongst my pursuits for reading as many books as possible and searching for clothing patterns. I'm working on a few pieces at once (again - it's just not fun otherwise!) and none of them are ones I was working on before. Brand new stuff. Ah - I take that back, one of them is from before, as I've added in a few more stitches on my Woodland Sampler. Alas, not completed last year, so it'll have a 2014 at the bottom instead, but still it goes. I'm on September currently, filling in the first of the hedgehogs. I had a bit of a panic the other day when I realized I'd forgotten what colour I'm using for the border. Must find it again!!

Since attempting this post a while back, I've not changed my browser. For now I can't upload any pictures, and though I've gotten several posts written, they rather need the pictures (drama reviews, written, cross stitch updates, written - but no pictures). I've got six drafts written. SIX. Hopefully I'll get pictures back. If not. . . . I don't know what I'm going to do with this thing.