February + Lunar New Year

Righty then.

It's the first of February still! I've got time to post!

The past January. . . . I read more books than I did in the first seven months of last year! I picked up algebra again! So far it's been good, just self-study, but I don't know if it'll last. I took a college exam and aced the English and Writing portions. :D Since my last post I have not continued to work on any cross stitch project, though I am looking to pick up the Woodland Sampler soon. My Mirabilia is permanently consigned to stash until I have the heart to do anything with it again. I haven't worked on any clothing, though with the passing of the lunar new year, I've been interested in completing another Hanbok. My sister would really like one as well, so I'm toying with that in my head. I'll likely have to get more fabric of different patterns for her, since her colouring is much different than mine.

Apart from reading nearly every waking moment and picking up maths, I've been trolling around on Tumblr and watching videos on YouTube. Yep. Been lazy as I could possibly have been the past month whenever I can. I have worked on four posts for this blog that never seemed to get done. I've got two drama reviews in the works - I recently completed Heartstrings/You've Fallen For Me, and Moon Embracing the Sun. Both are dramas I absolutely loved, for very different reasons, and I would like to explore that a little in a post of its own! I've started watching My Love From Another Star, which is one of the very few I've ever watched as they're being posted - I hate waiting for more episodes! So far I have loved it just as much as the two I previously mentioned, so that's likely to get a review of its own one day. ToGetHer (a Taiwanese drama) was a drama I started a LOONG time ago, and never finished, and I've worked on getting that done - I'm all but one episode away from accomplishing this, and I cried buckets already. >.<

Looking back on this month, it wasn't as unproductive as it felt. DX