Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Picture Post!

Everything is all scanned and prepared! I even found the Larkspurs again to be able to show them!

Here are all of my current projects, apart from the Desserts of the Month Club which I still have to restart (with correct placement on the fabric this time). This is in order from the list I posted last time.

Autumn Maiden (Mirabilia):

Halloween Carousel Horse:

Halloween Motif Pumpkin:

Hogwarts Crest:

I'm Late! I'm Late! (The White Rabbit of Alice in Wonderland):

Larkspurs (July Flower of the Month):

Valentine Heart:

Welcome + 4 Of A Kind:

Winter Maiden (Mirabilia):

Woodland Sampler:

Ta-Da! The White Rabbit was started and completed a long time ago, the Larkspurs begun a few years ago now, but never finished, while the rest were begun November of last year or sooner. Among them, the longest continuously worked-on have been the Mirabilia. The rest are pretty simple and short, but I have left off doing them in favour of other projects and so left them undone. It's my goal in the next year (hopefully before my birthday in June!) to have this list made of fully completed projects. I think after that, I'll start more Winter themed projects, since I've gotten a lot of Halloween in the works. (:

Hmm, I wonder what I should plan for? Probably shouldn't think about it too much, or I'll get too interested in beginning more projects. XD I had intended to post about my Mirabilia on the 8th, but that never happened - it was the first year marker for how long I've been working on it! A whole year. . . . it will be weird to finish it. Perhaps I should work on the warm side (Spring and Summer) after I've completed it? Ack, no wondering!! Or I'll get started on it without finishing the others first. XD

Until next time! May your stitching be tangle and knot free this winter!