Beginning a Woodland Sampler

Have a peek!

Isn't it great? This is with a few of my own additions - such as the snowflakes. Though you can't see them too well here, I've added blue to them (so that you can, you know, actually see them at all XD). I've also changed up some colours and used specialty threads, as well as outlined the little deer, which isn't in the original pattern. Below is the 'official' version, though many people stitching The Frosted Pumpkin patterns are very creative and change it up quite often!

Click here for the sampler on Frosted Pumpkin's website

It's absolutely adorable, isn't it??

The pattern comes out in installments - meaning that the whole thing isn't published yet. We're only up to September of course, with the rest unknown until the proper month. I've no idea why I've waited so long to begin this thing. At least I'll have more to stitch! XD I'm planning on doing the recently published Halloween Spooky Sampler, which also came out in installments, three of them, one a week, with the frame or border coming out a week previous to that (which seems to be the norm in how they publish their patterns).

I know the pattern advises not to use white because of the amount of white thread in the pattern for the Woodland Sampler, but hey, use what you've got. Which is what I was doing with the thread colours, because I'm tired of trying to locate all the exact colours all the time. And they get lost anyway! Call it lazy, I call it fun. You never know what combinations you'll come up with! XD Also on the table from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery is the Dessert of the Month Club that has 12 different desserts representing each month in the year. I started on that a while back, to lackluster results (I should learn to count for one). It'll need complete redoing, and so I'm waiting for inspiration and the right size fabric to pop up. I saw a variation someone had posted on the Facebook page for Frosted Pumpkin where instead of three rows of four, they stitched the desserts in two rows of six. I'm thinking that would be a better approach, so I'll either find a piece long enough or find some I'd like to cut up. :D

Promised pictures of Hanbok! Right, so this is the 'chima' or skirt, which is the part that is completely finished and which I'm most satisfied with.

 This is without any typical undergarments that would make the skirt much fuller and fluffier. I've also added proper ties since these pictures, and it will hall a little lower on my torso I think. The 'jeogori' or blouse/jacket that makes up the top of the outfit it too long for this style skirt, so I'm going to have to make another one. This skirt is based off the modern interpretations of 19th century skirts, where the breast band or top of the skirt is slightly (or very much so) visible, while the blouse is much shorter. I'm not going to make it as short as some examples, but it's going to be shorter than what I've created.

Okay then, pictures, updates, done! Until next time. ~x~