Wednesday, 12 June 2013

WIP Wednesdays - Winter's Maiden and Horrid Blending

Thanks to limited access to a computer yesterday, I was unable to finish writing and post the TV Tuesday I had planned. Look to see it later today - I'll still have it tagged for a TV Tuesday, but the title will be different.

So much progress!!! I'm so happy with what I've gotten done since I last worked on my Mirabilia! I finally gave in and worked all the blend colours in Autumn's harvest bundle. Some people avoid patterns because of the backstitch, some people avoid patterns because of half or quarter stitches. I avoid patterns with blending. You can't tell in a picture, but you can tell in person that hey - those stitches have two colours in them! They don't look like one single colour, but I'm not going to fuss over them anymore. I did them! I'm missing one colour, #977, so I can't finish the wheat sheaves on the right side of her, but when I do locate it, I'll get it worked in.

Folding over Autumn's side to get to winter results in books holding it down for a picture

Isn't Winter looking good?? As I've said in earlier posts concerning this piece, Winter's Maiden is not going to look like the picture that comes with the pattern. The reason for this is that the Needlepaints Floss, used by the creator of the pattern for Winter's side, are all discontinued. Every single one of them. Autumn is stitched in the original entirely in DMC, so that was no problem, but for Winter's side, you have to either be lucky enough to have all of those colours stashed around your house, or convert them to other flosses such as Anchor or DMC. DMC being what was cheapest around here, that was what I went with. The problem now is choosing the right colours. The conversion chart I used does not replace their threads the best they could have in DMC. I probably could have done better matching by eye than by their chart. Because of this, everything in the original Mirabilia that was purple has now shifted to blue, and the dark greys that are the shading inside her sleeves have shifted to blue-greens. I had really liked the purple in the original pattern so this really bugged me, but I've come to like the colours. They remind me more of winter than the purple does - glaciers, icicles, frozen ponds, and all that nice stuff to do with cold winters. I also love the style that Winter's Maiden is done in - stitching it makes me think of stained glass, with the long stretches of colour sweeping down her gown. Autumn's Maiden only gets this in the second half of her pattern, in her skirt, since her bundle rather breaks it up in the top half.

Original colours of Winter
 When I have more done with Winter, I'll post a better comparison of the two, but for now I've got just up to her arms, so the colour changes won't be as obvious. I also think it's interesting that the sleeves of both Maidens are done in the exact same colours, but look so different!

Alright, so that's all for this post. I'll finish up writing my Tuesday post and have it up later today, and then have the UFO projects post on Friday! Until then, may your stitching be tangle free!