Intro to WIP Wednesdays

The first WIP Wednesday! Yay!

These are the major Works-In-Progress that I will work on most frequently. Others may be regulated to the ranks of Unfinished Objects, and turn into Friday posts rather than Wednesdays, so be forewarned!

~Maidens of the Seasons II: Autumn and Winter by Mirabilia

~Halloween Carousel Horse from Holiday Horses by Linda Gillum

~Dessert of the Month Club by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

~Chinese Couple

~Black Cats bookmark (the cats are free from Lynn B at Happiness Is Cross Stitching)

~Hanbok (traditional Korean dress) Collection

~Oriental Pagoda and Dragon

And basically anything else I feel like getting started between here and next posting time! I'm also reworking a Gingerbread House pattern I have so that it'll be Halloween themed. It's been a little finicky, but otherwise is turning out all right. I haven't picked up a needle on it yet - goodness no, still charting! I want to do a Geisha or set of Oriental fans, but I haven't found a pattern that I really want to do yet. There are a lot of pretty ones out there, but none really capture what I'm looking for.

So, pictures. Here's everything where it is right now, waiting to get going, except for the Hanbok collection and Pagoda and the Dragon

Maidens of the Seasons:

Halloween Carousel Horse:

Chinese Couple:
Whoo! Such progress! XD

Black Cats Bookmark:
There's the beginnings of a hat on this one, but so far it's in white and you can't tell

All of these plus those to work on for UFO Fridays is definitely a list to work on!

And an update on my UFOs - my Halloween Pumpkin is finished! I got it done last Sunday, but debated posting it here or on Friday. The official picture will come on Friday, I think. XD I've thought of a few more UFOs that I have lying about somewhere, but I'll have to locate them first!!

Finally, before I close this post, I've been thinking of finishing up a couple of pieces and giving them away through my blog. If anyone is interested, stake your claim now! I'll be considering which pieces to finish for giveaway, and when I do make a decision and have them completed, I'll make the announcement and guidelines to getting the finished piece(s). Think that's a good idea?? Let me know!

Here's to tangle-free stitching and better-planned updates! Until Friday! ~x~