Friday, 21 June 2013

UFO Fridays - Thread Sprites

Whew, late post! Made it in on Friday nonetheless. :D Spent today out shopping and hadn't the time to go on the computer! Tomorrow is my birthday, so I went out with my sister and grandmother to a mall (quite a drive) to take a look around. Didn't end up buying much, but had a good time!

On another note, the Valentine's Heart that I wanted to have finished by Friday ended up frozen in time, thanks to whatever sprite stole my thread. Guess what happened? I had that baggie of eight or so skeins of white thread on the same chair as that which held all my patterns and cross stitch books. By evening, the threads I'd bought earlier when I couldn't find all that white had gone missing. Not in my bag, not in the car, not on the floor anywhere or with any of my other threads or projects. And then what happened? When I went searching for the white I had had already, it was gone too! Not a thread of white in sight. Argh! So on a last-minute run to Walmart for final goods for the party tomorrow, I picked up another white. It's still in the shopping bag with a new sketchbook, and will remain there until I can physically pick up the needle! The Heart will be a quick stitch should I ever get the chance to finish it, so it may be posted up on the Finished Projects page before my next UFO post gets written.

I've also picked up watching Substitute Princess again, as well as another drama, so perhaps there'll be a TV Tuesday post next week? I'm thinking that won't be a weekly post for obvious reasons - as I can't watch a full drama comfortably in a week however much I may want to! So it'll remain mostly Wednesday and Friday posts as it has been.

Now to get to the stitching before this skein of thread runs away too!! ~x~