Friday, 31 May 2013

Intro to Aliens - I mean: UFO Fridays

Welcome to the first edition of UFO Fridays! The idea is to work on those projects that have either been around forever, or are just not getting done - Un Finished Objects. They're pushed to the back burner indefinitely, I've lost interest in stitching them, or they're projects I've inherited one way or another (of which I have two).

One is a Valentine's Heart I started in 2011? Something like that. It's nearly finished but needs that final push. It's entirely white on a red fabric, and very pretty. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it once it's finished, but that's another story.

Second is a 'new' project I inherited from my Mother just yesterday. It's a teddy bear and sleeping kitten on a wicker chair that she started long ago, for my sister I think. The colours in the wicker chair are nearly impossible to tell apart except in noon day light, apparently, and thanks to a few mistakes and time slipping away, the project never got past the halfway mark, and it's up to me to finish it. Hopefully I'll do it well!

Third is a Halloween pumpkin project I started one or two years ago. There's a massive mistake in the upper right hand corner that I simply cannot find, and so has been left in the three-fourths done stage for months. Time to find it, correct it, and finish it!

So these are the UFOs that will feature weekly until their eventual completion to be replaced with others, I'm sure! There is one other pattern that is of a young girl, which I bought as a half-finished project from a store. An elderly woman who was an avid cross stitcher had begun her, and never finished her, though since moving house I've been unable to locate the piece. If I do find it, I'll add it into the mix and keep my Fridays busy!

On another note, please stop by my finally updated DeviantArt account! I've had the account for four months, and never did anything with it, though I was drawing. I've begun adding art to my account now, and have a few more in the works. Rather than cluttering up this blog with my drawing (since it's not cluttered at all when I blog about Asian dramas starting next Tuesday), I'll just leave a link to the account, and hope you'll be nice enough to take a peek! (: Plus I'm pretty proud of my username there. XD

See you again Tuesday, and may your stitching be tangle free! ~x~