Thursday, 30 May 2013

Blog Schedule?

Trolling around on the internet today got me thinking - what if I had a schedule to keep me busy?

I know that sounds like a 'duh!' thought, but it had never occurred to me before. What I mean by schedule here is that I'd have WIP (work-in-progress) Wednesday posts on projects, TV Tuesdays to blog out my love of Korean and Taiwanese dramas, etc., etc.....Would that be worthwhile? That way I have a goal to work toward, rather than the ever-so-motivating 'get a blog post written sometime,' 'get this much stitching done someday soon...' XD

Just a rough sketch of what I might do:

TV Tuesdays - reviews, thoughts, and giggles about Korean & Taiwanese Dramas
WIP Wednesdays - updates on cross stitch projects specifically
UFO Fridays - projects that I've inherited/bought half-done, or projects I otherwise would never get done

I could add or take away (or both) but I think I'll stick mostly to this schedule. If I actually get it done, that's three posts a week - not at all bad.

I'd love to find a stitch along sort of project, or a monthly sampler of some sort to have something to keep me occupied, but I suppose I've got enough on my plate as it is without starting another new piece. Oh the life of the procrastinator and impulse beginner!

So then, until tomorrow with the pictures of the UFO projects! ~x~