The Day the Mayans Didn't Predict

Well, it's that day at last. The day they talked about when I was in sixth grade and managed to terrify every single one of us - I remember the teenagers talking among themselves, failing their high school classes because 'the world was going to end anyway.'

I've always sort of not-believed in the day. I had a list of books I wanted to finish writing before that date rolled around (and I haven't done any of them!), and I had a few points I wanted to be at before I got there. None of them accomplished. It was a sort of New Year's Resolutions date without the New Year's attached. Now that the actual day has arrived it's a little sobering in that regard [but not too sobering, since I have a head cold I picked up from the sibs, and I can't think too seriously yet].

A few years ago, absolutely petrified that I wouldn't be able to have a chance to do anything with my life, I finally got a book on the Mayans, one about language and codes. I'll have to dig that book up again, it was an excellent read. He went through the whole calendar and showed how that wasn't actually an 'end' date, and other sources I've read say that the date was more probably a date in the Mayan era, when someone came to their kingdom, a sort of visitor. But hey, try explaining that to a bunch of apocalypse-primed pre-teens and see if you get any sense out of it.

Mostly I wonder what the doomsdayers are doing. Do they have a countdown? Are they sitting in their living rooms with their survival packs, just ready for some marker that everything has changed at last? What do you do when a day you've prepared for, sometimes years' worth of preparations, doesn't come? Do you pick a new 'end day' and work towards that? Do you find somebody else crying an end time that's somewhat near, and keep acting like it's imminent? What happens then? I wonder too if this will all blow over with a few quiet mutters, and then everybody acts like no one had a thought that December 21st might really be it; or if people will make a big deal of how we could have convinced ourselves of this.

On a topic more appropriate to my blog, my Mirabilia is looking good!
It's amazing what a couple days' intensive stitching can do for a project:

The Slytherin Scarf is on the last of its green bands (hopefully). Then I can add the tassels and be done with it!

Today also marks the Winter Solstice and the beginning of Yule for some people. As part of my celebration of Yule, I'll be gathering together all my fibre arts, including my cross stitch, and making an inventory of all of them. Hopefully by the end of Yule I'll have gotten them in good order, and gotten the right threads with the right projects so it'll be easier to pick up and finish each one. I'll keep you posted on all the goodies I find!