The Big Day Cometh....and Passeth

Well, how did it go?

The big day we wait all year for (or our kids do) has finally come and is nearly over. Was it a good one? Mine was great, with the little one sleeping in later, and allowing us to start Christmas morning at 8 rather than 5:30 as we all rather expected, and a lazy afternoon at the Grandfolks' house meant no cooking on our part. XD

Thankfully last night, we stayed in rather than going out for the service. Though the one we attended a couple of years back was beautiful, I don't think any of us were up to it last night. It was fun to be able to just rest for the evening. We watched a documentary on British WWII farms (is more interesting than it sounds) and overall had a quiet night.

Christmas for me meant a lot of dark chocolate in my stocking and a calligraphy set, as well as a Korean-English dictionary (all amazing!). I think we all preferred watching baby sibling get into his gifts - he loved his bath instruments: foam and hollow plastic musical instruments for the bathtub. He promptly turned his drum over, as it has no bottom, grabbed the drumstick, and started stirring, yelling "Cookin'! Cookin'!"

A really cute idea by the parents was something we needed to have thought of long ago: hanging stockings on doorknobs! We have had the hardest time trying to find hooks for stockings that are heavy and strong enough to hold a full stocking. Having had a fireplace at both our old home and our new, it's been nice to hang the stockings off those decorative pieces. You know the type, little reindeer and Santa Clauses, painted gold and silver with a little hook at the base for the stocking. But you put anything heavier than a paperclip in the stocking, that cute little Santa topples right over onto the hearth. For the past years, we've been stuffing the stockings and laying them in order on the hearth itself, underneath the hooks. XD But this year, we opened our doors and there's a stocking! I think that's a great way to fix the hook problem, and definitely one we'll have to remember!

Who's planning to go to the store tomorrow? Got returns, or going shopping? I think we've got the outline of a plan to go shopping tomorrow with gift money. I'm sort of wary of going, what with after-Christmas sales and such going on. But I do enjoy shopping!

On the Mirabilia front, I've got a strip all the way across finished on Autumn:

(I finished the left-hand border this evening)
Now I'll have to flip the pattern over and keep on going. I'm a little disappointed that I still can't start on Winter - all the Needlepaints Floss is for Winter, a floss I'd have to order if I want it. I'll have to find a conversion chart online so I can dig up the proper floss in plain ol' DMC rather than going all out for thread when I already dropped a bunch for the linen. I'm also planning on replacing the beads they used for Winter with similarly-coloured thread. There are a lot of surprises on this pattern when I thought I knew what I was doing! So on we go with Autumn....

My prediction was true: the Slytherin scarf is not quite done. Hopefully I'll get some good work done on it in the next couple of days and get that finished. Another gift for Christmas (one I actually asked for too!) was two decks of playing cards, so I can continue prepping for my cardweaving/tabletweaving project. I've got enough cards for the simple band I've got the pattern for, but in case I screw up (as I inevitably will!) I want to have some backup!

Righty then, I'll catch up with you all soon, and I hope you continue to have a wonderful holiday season!