Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Resolutions & After-Christmas Buys

It's been a family tradition for nearly as long as I can remember: making resolutions for the New Year. I'm surprised, actually, at how many people I've spoken to that aren't making resolutions this year. You'd think with that close call on the 21st (the supposed end of the world), people'd be making all sorts of resolutions and getting out there! Perhaps they all finished their bucket lists and 100 Things To Do Before You Die before the 21st, so they've nothing left? XD

I usually write down my resolutions on a sheet of paper. Thanks to the household spirits and their mischief, I always lose this paper, no matter how careful I am. Then somehow, mysteriously, it always turns up about a week to two weeks before the end of the year. I love looking over past lists, seeing how what I thought was important each year changes and shifts. It's like a snapshot of yourself at that moment in time - it's part of why I love them. It's like all those Christmas wish lists from when you were little bitty as compared to those when you're nearing adulthood. It starts off asking for LEGOs and Barbies, puzzles and animated movies. Then you end up asking for phones, fancy shoes and clothes, money, and more 'sophisticated' grown up stuff. It's a little nostalgic, but it's part of the season, isn't it?

Last year, unfortunately, I didn't make any resolutions. I can't remember why not right now; perhaps I was tired of not having very good goals and not getting any of them done! I think this year's top priority (on the personal level) would be getting my room and the house in order. Moving makes a mess, even a month later! I still don't have a dresser unit or anything, so underthings and jammies are all still in my suitcase - which is in the middle (roughly) of the floor, as the closets are full of boxes holding the extra books I don't have the shelves for anymore!

Check out my survey here, on Quibblo, all about New Year's resolutions! I'd love for you to take the survey, as I love seeing who does what and when with these things. I also read somewhere that resolutions are possibly based on an old Germanic tradition of oaths during this season? I've never heard of that before, so don't take that as hard fact. I need to do some more research on it specifically. Has anyone heard of that before? It sounds a little shaky, but quaint.

What do you think of this pretty cover? I found it at a local store today, for about three dollars. There's a matching one in blue, and it's just so pretty! I had made a middle-of-the-year resolution last year to wear a headcovering, but that didn't last longer than a month. Perhaps I should revive it! I love headcovers, of all sorts. I think they're beautiful, feminine, and expressive. Not to mention great for days when you can't get that stubborn hair to do what you want it to!

This is the blue one. They're large enough to pull all the way forward to your forehead, though they really don't look big enough when they're just lying there. The back has a band of elastic at the bottom of what actually covers the hair, and then it tapers off into three small sections of cloth that act sort of like tassels (you can see them at the back of my neck in the picture above). It was a little fussy to get on though, which is a downside to them.

On the stitching front, I have started the next section of Autumn. I'm working sections of about thirty stitches high and all the way across, so it grows all together, gradually. I've gotten the mistakes corrected on the Winter side, and will be continuing the middle border and the edge decorations for Winter along with the Autumn side until I've got the conversion chart from Needlepaints Floss to DMC and all the Winter threads sorted out. I'll update with another picture on my next post, when there's a little more substantially finished. Right now I've gotten one of the palest colours on the right-hand side going up towards her face, and it looks....pretty puny at the moment. XD Next time!

And until next time....get preparing your resolutions! We've got a big year ahead of us, it doesn't do to be unprepared!