Braving Linen

The Mirabilia project is coming along well! I got a full day of stitching in on the project for the first time today, and I got a lot done (though what remains to be done is wince-worthy!). The linen is slowly becoming more familiar and easy to work with - I have had a couple of mistakes on the Winter side, but hopefully no more on the Autumn side, as there's so much done so far. I'm a little saddened that I couldn't really start with Winter, since it's so far to the right of the centre border where I started. I'm not quite comfortable enough with linen to be counting so many stitches out to begin, so I'm sticking to the browns and golds of Autumn for now. I'm terrified of not counting over enough threads, and throwing off the rest of the project. I'm bad enough with missing or moving or miscounting stitches on regular ol' 14 count Aida, this is a nightmare!

Apart from Mirabilia, there's not been much else done. I spent several days house-sitting for a relative this past week, and I finally got to catch up with all the Korean Dramas I've been watching (finished To the Beautiful You at last XD), and since I'm not fluent in Korean yet I have to read subtitles rather than just stitch along to the show. Ah well, soon enough!

I did discover the wonder of Card (or Tablet) Weaving over that week too, and I'm in the process of creating my own tablets out of a deck of playing cards. If you don't know what this, or would like to see the pattern I'll be starting with, check these links below!

       This is the pattern I'll be using (Leaves on the Vine)

And that's just the start of this somewhat-less known art. Hopefully I'll be able to figure this one out and get some new work to show you all! The thing is, you've absolutely got to pay attention to everything in tablet weaving, and between 2 year old sick siblings, not-2-year-old-but-still-sick-siblings, linen work, language studies, looking for a job, exercising somewhat regularly, and catching up with Korean dramas, I've found myself looking tiredly at a computer screen at 10 pm or later, realizing I didn't understand half the page and I need to start over or get some sleep. XD My dark circles are going to droop below my cheekbones at this rate!!

Since I'm also planning to celebrate Yule in honour of Holda, I'm rushing to get the Slytherin scarf done. I need to add a few bands yet to it to make it the right length, but I've got only until the 21st. With the way I'm working my fingers off, I can begin to see why all the fibre arts go in a box, and stay there for 12 days. It's getting blessed - and I get a break. Perhaps I can catch up on reading between the festivities? >.<

'Till my next post!