Hello, and welcome to my spasmodically updated blog!

It's nothing amazing, but it's a place for me to post updates on my latest stitching projects and occasionally what I'm up to in the real world.

The Cross Stitch page is for all completed cross stitch; the Clothing page is for my sewing that I've dabble in from time to time! Please do check tags to navigate through my blog: each piece I do gets its own unique tag that you can click on for all the progress I've posted about that particular piece. Some have multiple levels of tags: for instance, my Soda Stitch patterns. I love Soda Stitch so my collection of them is ever-growing; thus, the tag for Soda Stitch will take you to all posts for all Soda Stitch that I've ever worked on; Small Soda Stitch will take you to the mini Soda patterns that I've worked on; and then each piece has its own particular tag, such as my latest piece Give A Bow. Pieces that belong to a series/I'm stitching together such as the "Four Seasons Girl" are tagged with the name of the pattern as well as their section, such as Autumn or Winter.

I only just got a really good camera on my last birthday, so photos uploaded here prior to June 2015 are pretty rough. I've been going through a lot of my old posts and putting in better photos as I go, but it is very much a work in progress - and a good deal of the photos aren't really replaceable. WIP (work in progress) shots of various projects can't really be duplicated, so I've left them as is.

During the semester - January through May, August to the end of November - I'm a college student studying Accounting, so it keeps me pretty busy and often I have no time to do anything worth posting here. This Spring Semester is turning out to be a nightmare, which is actually in its turn making me stitch more, but there are occasionally large gaps, as when I didn't post at all last fall until the end of November. I don't like to post unless I have pictures of something to update, so sometimes that contributes to my absences!

Outside of that I'm a voracious (but picky) reader who loves to read other people's one star reviews. I'm pretty active on GoodReads. Updates to the left! I've been trying and successfully completing a Reading Challenge a year for the past two years - here's to a third!

I've linked as many free patterns sites (legitimate free sites) that I can in the sidebar, down to the left. If any links aren't working anymore, please let me know! Some are time-sensitive, and I do try to clean them up from time to time, but if you notice any in particular or would like to find some free patterns of a particular type (i.e. dragons), I'll be happy to help you look!