Cross Stitch

All of my finished cross stitch lives here once it gets the final stitches put in place! Only the earliest pieces don't have progress pictures and further information in blog posts made when they were still in-progress; which can be found for each piece under 'Tag.'

24 February 2016 - Give A Bow/Receive Good Fortune, Soda Stitch

Pattern: Soda Stitch's Receive Good Fortune

Time to Complete: About 13 days, off and on all told - but - Begun 14 Sep 2014, Ended 24 Feb 2016!
I changed the lightest hair colour to 780 instead of 783; I think that's too light, and I like the smoother, warmer blending this way. I also changed the small dog into a Scottish Fold cat!

Tag: Give A Bow

17 February 2016 - Autumn Girl, Soda Stitch

Pattern: Soda Stitch's Four Seasons Girl (two separate links to different places!)

Time to Complete: 19 days (30 Dec - 17 Feb)
As with the previous piece, I changed up some colour choices, but nothing as major on this one.

Tag: Autumn Girl

27 December 2015 - Winter Girl, Soda Stitch

Pattern: Soda Stitch's Four Seasons Girl (two separate links here to different things!)

Time to Complete: 7 Days on break over the Christmas holiday (there were days I did nothing but stitch!)

 These are designed - I think - in Yeidam thread, not DMC, and the conversions are not always ideal. I chose my own colours for a majority of the project. I'm not going to be sharing the threads I used; there are many official retailers in many different countries from the US to Thailand and everywhere else, so please check out the link to Soda Stitch up there, and scroll down for the retailer that will work best for you!

Tag: Winter Girl

18 December 2015 - It's Christmas Time!

Colours Used: 699 (Green) & 498 (Red)

Etsy pattern located here.

Time to Complete: Two days of almost solid stitching. I really enjoyed working on it! Very simple, but a lovely finish.

28 Nov. - 16 Dec. 2015 - Snowmen

Pattern: Carolyn Manning Designs' Lil Snowflakes: Snowfall #6 and one from CM Designs' Lil Snowflakes: Snowfall #5.

Time to Complete: The first snowman (Bearing Gifts) took me one day to complete. The others ranged from two days to nearly a week. I worked in pom-poms on the hats where I could and chose my own colours, including a brilliant bright white that is just perfect for that cold touch on the snow. The one with the candy cane is modified: I used a tweaked version of Bearing Gifts' shoes and legs, and omitted the first row of snow on the bottom of the body to keep him at the same height as he was originally, as well as flipping the pattern on my computer to face the other direction. The Snowman Maker is also modified: I added a scarf and raised the mouth by a stitch, and changed the colours on the hat, scarf on the little snowman, and the stockings.

Tag: Lil Flakes

7 March 2015 - Winter Wonderland

Pattern: Winter Wonderland from UK magazine The World of Cross Stitching, winter 2014 I believe.

Time to Complete:
  Approx. 5 months, off and on.

Tag: Winter Wonderland

19 December 2014 - Woodland Sampler

Pattern: The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery's Woodland Sampler

Time to Complete: This one took over a year, but as it was intended as a mystery year-long stitch-along, that's to be expected.

Tag: Woodland Sampler

19 September 2014 - Bunny Couple

Pattern: Soda Stitch's Bunny Couple (Korean pattern)

Time to Complete:
About 5 days

Tag: Bunny Couple

24 June 2013 - Valentine Heart

Pattern: Free online pattern located here! The pattern is really easy to read and follow - I didn't need to mark out any of what I had done which is something I've never been able to do! There are also no mistakes in this piece - probably unique in all my stitching career, thanks to the clarity of the pattern. There's no legend/key - it's all one colour, so choose whatever thread and fabric combination you like and get started! I chose white over red because it was the inverse of the picture shown on the pattern, though I've really like the black over white pieces I've seen - they look so elegant.

Time to Complete: This pattern was first posted in 2011, and I got it printed off. At the time I wasn't a particularly good stitcher, nor a dedicated one, and so I got about half of it finished over the course of a few months, and stopped stitching. By 2013, I had it 3/4 of the way done, and only got it completed in June of 2013 after a few days of proper stitching 'sessions' where I got a lot done.

2 June 2013 - Halloween Motif Pumpkin

Pattern: "Halloween Motif Pumpkin" from Just Cross Stitch Magazine's 2012 Halloween Edition

Original Pattern

Colours Used
(Original Pattern)
310 - black
318 - steel grey, lt.
552 - violet, med. (2 skeins)
971 - pumpkin

(My Version)
310 - black
415 - pearl grey
703 - chartreuse (green)
721 - orange spice, med. (orange)

Time it Took to Complete: About a month. I nearly got it finished before Halloween the same year I got the magazine, but thanks to a bunch of mistakes, I stopped working on the pattern. It took me 2-3 days to correct, 'fudge,' and complete work once I picked it up again.

The photo is spliced from two photos since my scanner isn't quite wide enough to accommodate the entire pumpkin, hence the line!

Unknown Date of Completion: The White Rabbit

Pattern: I'm Late! I'm Late! from The Vanessa-Ann Collection: Holidays In Cross Stitch 1990

Colours used are no longer known. It's been a while. I picked and chose as best fit the colours I knew the Rabbit had, rather than used the colours in the pattern. What I did was follow the shading numbers in selecting another colour - for instance, the blue in the coat is done with the numbers 793 Cornflower Blue, Med., 792 Cornflower Blue, Dk., and 791 Cornflower Blue, Vy. Dk. So when choosing a red to stitch with, find a similar set of reds, such as 600-602 (Cranberry Vy. Dk. to Cranberry Med.), or convert to another colour altogether with 550, 552, and 553, Violet Vy Dk., Medium, and Violet respectively. Using this chart will help you find colours that have the necessary range in close shades if you need to convert colours on a pattern.

Original Pattern

Time it Took to complete: Several months, but I was beginning stitching then, and was not as quick as I am now, and I did not work on it frequently. If I was to stitch this again today, it would probably take me around two weeks, factoring in family with stitching time.