Slow Summer & Net Petticoats

Finally a post!

It's been a pretty slow summer. I've gotten a lot started, but not a lot finished. Lots of books in progress, lots of clothes in progress, but nothing really done. But finally! A finish (of a sort)!

Looking around in a cupboard of patterns, I discovered a long length of cloth I'd forgotten about and all this net that I had begun to make a petticoat out of following the instructions on Sugardale for the net/tulle version. (I think I got this started at least last year.) There were a few mistakes - I had to take the bottom tier apart and resew one seam because I had managed to attach it twisted up without realising it (working with a strip of fabric 8 yards long can really overwhelm you). Then I had to sew up some patches in the second tier, as it had somehow gotten torn up in places. But it was quick enough to put together once I got going!

The whole project took around three days of handsewing. (I sewed by hand because I was too lazy to figure out any of the sewing machines.) Not all day long sewing, but a section in the morning, and in the evenings, and so on. I'm pretty happy with it!

Next is sewing up an underskirt for it, and an overlay. All three layers will then be gathered to the waist. I think I've got enough of this lovely flowery fabric to make these last layers, and then I have loads of bias tape to finish up edges!

Hopefully I can keep going on this project & get it finished after so long!