Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Well This is Cool

Browsing through my Blogger homepage, I saw a link that meant someone had visited from Windy Words as "swankivy." I know that. Don't I? So I clicked through and discovered that the author of the book The Invisible Orientation had found my review on my stitchy blog.

It was really excited to know that someone I follow on Goodreads and an author had visited anything I'd made - and that she collects people's reviews and adds them to her blog there. That's cool, that means I'll be on there, and yep, sure enough I am:

And really, that's actually neat. I had no idea that the Asexuality Archive had written a book; but I wasn't referencing a book; I meant that simply going and looking at the articles in their original format was what was beneficial to me. I had heard from multiple reviewers that The Invisible Orientation was written as adapted from blog posts, so that's what I took it as. If untrue - I'm sorry I put forth misinformation.

I am actually sorry I didn't like this book more. Maybe it's because I was already introduced so I didn't have the same glowing aha! moment to associate with it.