TV Tuesdays: ToGetHer

Today's review is on ToGetHer, a drama which many apparently skipped over thanks to the character of one of the main cast. Mars is a falling star, a previously very famous singer/actor, like other Asian singers, but is now on the downslide. He has a few dedicated crazy fans around (and I mean it in that order - dedicated, and crazy), but most people are forgetting him fast thanks to several bad pieces of press that weren't actually accurate. While Mars has a kinder, more average person side, he is usually pretty abrasive - a bit like the arrogant character Arthur was in Merlin on BBC at the start of that show. It seems many people stopped watching the drama because they couldn't stand his character, and while I do find him occasionally too much, it never been to the point of no longer wishing to watch.

The thing I love about some of these Taiwanese dramas, something which I mentioned once before, is that they are like a Jane Austen novel, like real life. The characters change over the course of the show. By the end of the drama, each character has overcome something, has changed in some fashion. Comparing the characters from the first episode to the last, you can tell they are the same people, but they are different. Not so in many other shows I've watched that air in America; not even so much so in Korea! If American characters change, it's somewhere between season 1 and season 9, when the actors themselves are growing tired of the role. XD I know that's a generalization, but it happens in enough of them.

May I say how very creative the name of the drama is? I had never actually realized that those three words were in the one word 'together.' Thanks Taiwan, for teaching me something about my native language. XD

The main characters are played by Rainie Yang and Jiro Wang. I've seen Rainie in a few other dramas, such as Drunken To Love You, though she's most famous for Devil Beside You, the first drama in which she was the lead. Since 2001, she's been in 13 Taiwanese Dramas, as well as releasing 8 studio albums and going on a few musical tours through Asia. 

In ToGetHer she looks very different to the other roles I've seen her in, and I think she pulls off her character excellently.

Rainie is one of those actresses that I'm not exactly fond of. Other people seem to adore her, and I can just never really get it. She is a brilliant actress however, very versatile, and that definitely shows in this drama. I found myself really enjoying her character and that's not at all because I was like her for most of my life. Rainie is the reclusive Momo, a girl who is wrapped up in the world of Prince Kashaba, a manga character. Both of her parents are dead, and her older sister is a materialistic girl who spends every cent that gets into her hands, generally on designer handbags.

Jiro Wang is new to me, as are the rest of the cast save the actor who plays the mentally-retarded swimmer Jia Sen. I saw George Hu in Romantic Princess, who also acted a playful character, though in this show it is more prominent, as his character has 'the intelligence of an 8 year old.' They aren't trying to be harsh; while it's never explained exactly what is wrong with Jia Sen, he is forever stuck as a child, one who has a huge dependency on Momo. Later this grows to be a big problem as he views Mars as a threat, one who'll take Momo's affections away, and he actually harms himself in his frustration with the way he is.

The couple together are really cute, and I loved watching this show. It doesn't tend, as much as other Taiwanese dramas do, to the overdramatic and unrealistic, though it has its moments. The death of Mars' mother had me bawling, and that was a really hard episode to watch. That gives it points in my book for being that good, but also means I'm going to be really hesitant about watching it again!