Monday, 22 June 2015

Progress and Monstrous Birthdays

The Bright Ones grow! I think I have chosen poorly on the darker pink in the sleeves, but otherwise she comes into view quite well. And good thing of all good things, I've gotten a camera! A proper one, not a computer webcam, so you may look forward to much better photos!

One of them lies below in my monster birthday cake! I celebrated another birthday today, and found myself quite short of candles. There were a bunch of other numbers - but none of them the numbers needed - but only three ordinary candles about, these colourful spiral ones.

And then my mother stumbled across some Halloween decorations - with spikes on the back to be pushed into a pumpkin instead of carving them, sort of like a Mr. Potato Head doll. And the mouth was the first to come across, and my sister and I had already remarked that the three candles already placed in looked like a face, so we put the mouth on and had cake that way!