Christmas Wrappings

'Furoshiki' or the Japanese art of wrapping with fabric - wrapping 9 books!
I was pretty proud of my wrapping this year. I did some wrapping in fabric, and some diagonal style wrapping. It was a lot of fun to take a break from the normal, especially as I was assigned wrapping duty this year! Well over 12 various sized boxes and soft items to get packaged up for the holidays, and then extras that I'll have to find the time to sneak into stockings unsuspected before Christmas morning! Boy has it ever been fun trying to keep stacks of massive boxes and bags away from inquisitive, present-happy little brothers, and inquisitive, claw-happy cats!!

Luckily I can schedule posts, and get these written before the day. This post is largely written on Christmas Adam, with some additions after the fact. At some point or another, everyone in the family will get on the internet and post some version of Happy Christmas on their Facebook accounts, and surf around, but for the most part it's a day of messing about with the new stuff we got from under the tree. Which is better.

I made some gluten free Shortbread cookies, a mix from Bob's Red Mill. Definitely have to add a LOT more liquid than they call for, it was about half a cup extra for my recipe, but they taste delicious. As the only holiday cookie I could eat this season, I was even more excited they came out so well!! I pressed the dough out flat and just cut it all into strips and squares, the way you do dumplings for chicken and dumplings. Came out delicious. XD

And now it's down to six days - New Year is coming!! Leave your lights up everyone, it'll make January a lot more cheerful!