Monday, 7 July 2014

Birthday Batch - Pictures!

Finally I've returned. This past month (June), I had my 20th birthday! In celebration I got myself a couple of things I'd been interested in getting from the 'net, and the last of them finally arrived today! (Hey, they had to come all the way from China.)

First off is something I am absolutely in love with - a corset!!

 This is currently cinched to 25 inches at its narrowest point, which is my natural waist size (and the size I ordered). I actually got this and the movie I ordered only two days after my birthday, due to quick shipping, and I've cinched down another inch or so since then. It takes getting used to, especially when sitting in the car!

This is one of my favourite movies of all time. It's a little hoky and a little silly, especially at the start, but it's a great film nonetheless. It's about a girl who has been magically cursed to have a pig's snout for a nose that can only be gotten rid of if someone of old money marries her. It's got a great cast who really pull the whole thing off, and there's not a thing I don't like about it. I've been told that this is the 'American edit' and that the original (British I think?) film has longer scenes in some places, but having not seen that version, I am quite content to add this one to my collection!

What arrived today were two lovely folding hand fans and my first K-Pop merch! Folding fans are a little. . . . delicate, and they break even faster with extended use. I've had two really nice ones in the past years that I was really fond of, and the second of them finally broke (the first having shattered - plastic rather than wood - several years back) just before my birthday. So I got myself replacements!

They just glowed in their pictures on Amazon, and I knew these were the ones I wanted to get. They only cost a few dollars apiece, though they ship from Beijing, and when I ordered them on the 22-23 June, I was given an estimated arrival time of July 17 to August 4. O.O But here they are today, on the 7th of July!

They are some of the tiniest fans I've ever owned. They don't appear small, but they close to such slender dimensions! Seeing the package I wasn't sure if both were there. The fabric is said to be silk, and it certainly is very soft, and very fine. The handle is stained blue wood, and each comes with a little tassel. In some previous orders, when the price was much higher, they were said to come with bags to hold them in according to previous reviews on Amazon, but I really don't mind them coming without bags. At about $2 apiece, I don't mind, and I have a lovely lined Chinese box that my Grandmother gifted me sometimes ago that will fit them just fine. They feel delicate, and they are slightly transparent.

Coming alongside the fans were my first K-Pop merch, as I said before. Yay!!

I have wanted bracelets like these (not specifically EXO-M, but just bracelets like these) since I was a child, and I'm very glad that I've finally acquired some, especially for a favourite band! The black one is my favourite, with the symbols for each of the members on it and the name of the band. Each says from EXO Planet though, and I wasn't expecting that. The white has all the members' names on it, and that's nice and all but I really prefer the black one. XD Again, these shipped from China, and were given the same end of July, start of August arrival date, but came in today, at least a full week ahead of schedule!

So one more thing were these guys. Aren't they adorable? I had some money left over on a card, and wanted to max it out (got it down to 28 cents. Grr. . . . ) so I stopped by Dover for a few little goodies. I love the wedding kimono and the pink opera gown, don't you? :D