It's June. . . .

Ergh. . . . so it's been since May that I've posted?? DX And now it's June. . . .

I've been dabbling on a lot of different projects in the time elapsed. I've read nearly 30 books since January (trying hard to push through the last two - at this rate I'll never finish all the books I want to by December); I've begun a corset - which has two sides assembled, hand-sewn flat-felled seams, and one bone sewn in; I've been playing around with my Manchu Banner Dress (I really don't want to cut the good fabric!); I've cut the pieces for a new Hanbok top; I've broken a sewing machine (as per usual, it's when I have to change the bobbin. I live in dread of changing bobbins.); I've drawn two new portraits; and I've begun the last two squares on my Woodland Sampler!


I've also started up a review of math, starting in algebra and working forward. I'm really hoping to get through as much as possible this summer, but I have no idea how far I can actually get. I managed three hours yesterday, but my hand/wrist was just so worn out today that I could only get about an hour and half today before I had to quit. There are too many projects taking up my hand - hand-sewing a corset since I broken the sewing machine, as well as cross stitching, drawing practice, and three+ hours writing is not a good mix on my hand. Either projects have to be dropped, or my hand will. DX My right arm across the top all the way to my elbow hurts right now, though I'd really like to finish up a few blog posts and get them ready for posting later throughout the upcoming week or two!

I never feel busy, but when I get to recording it all, and when my wrist starts giving out on me I realize I've got a lot going. O.O

Since my last post, I did finish another drama (Just You; best drama in a long while, seriously), and I've kept up with the one-episode-a-week torture of Taiwanese airing schedules on Fall In Love With Me. And that's about it on that front. I've not continued watching Secret Love Affair, I Can Hear Your Voice, or any of the others.

Tomorrow (as it's night currently, and there's no way pictures will come out right), I'll get some snaps of the Woodland Sampler as well as my sewing projects! I'll keep attempting to get good shots of my portraits, but I can't make any promises. I really wanted to upload them already to DeviantArt, but even that can't happen because my drawing is too light for the scanner to pick up and I keep getting bad angles on my webcam. It sounds like excuses, but really every time I think I've gotten a good shot for once, I look at it straight on and think it's dreadful. I'll keep attempting!!

Until then!