Updated Tumblr - Kimono Time!

The next post is finally completed! While I wasn't too happy with it, there it is at last. I included wedding and funeral clothing in this post, unlike with the Hanbok post. I'm considering adding that into the post at a later date, or whether I should do a new post dedicated to wedding and funerary wear that would incorporate both cultures.

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Part II: Kimono!

My plans continue to be furthering the post with a write up on jewellery and a further, more in-depth post on the attire of Geisha and Gisaeng. As I mentioned above, it's possible I'll write one specifically on weddings and/or funerals, as I left that information out entirely in the Hanbok post, and is one that rather needs to be covered in a survey of clothing! Enjoy the pretty pictures - do you know how hard it is to find good pictures of men in Kimono that's not just the same thing over and over again? Women really have the upper hand in design on this costume!