New Posts on Tumblr!

Since BlogSpot is still not allowing me to post pictures on here, I'd like to share my latest posts on Tumblr, where I've been compiling all my knowledge on Hanbok, as well as Kimono, in a series on telling the two costumes apart! There are lots of awesome pictures over there, so click and enjoy! :D

Geisha and Gisaeng

Intro to the Series

Part I: Hanbok!

The next post is in the works, and is on Kimono. After that will be a post on jewellery and hair, and then a further write up of the differences between the attire of Geisha and Gisaeng (or Kisaeng), in the telling-them-apart realm, to include the material that I left out of the first post on the list, since I didn't want it to get even longer than it was! Hope you like them!