Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Finally saw Frozen

At last, after many failed attempts, I got to see Frozen last night. It finally appeared on the pay-per-view channels, and I hopped right onto it.

Disappointing. I'd expected much, much more from the film that everyone had raved about since it came out. The songs were EXTREMELY mediocre, the only one I thought good being Olaf the Snowman's song, and the singing voices were terrible. I only enjoyed Olaf's. I much prefer the casts of the dubbed films for overseas - I've heard a lot of the songs prior to watching the film in other languages, and seriously, take a listen to 'Do You Want to Build A Snowman' in Korean. It is so cute

The English version. . . . not so much. The little girl sounds much older in English, like they just got the teenage version to do it too. Hey, they might've. The 'grown up Anna' voice is too flat, and has a hard time reaching the right notes. Elsa's grown up singing voice sounds too husky, and frankly too old, for her, though her speaking voice is nice.

Characters wise, I initially liked Elsa, but the film tried too hard, I think, to push 'not marrying so soon after meeting someone' and make a point to audiences that Disney can do something else. A lot of other plot points were too obvious, slap-you-in-the-face-type, repeating the information that an act of love can heal a frozen heart one too many times for my liking, and definitely more often than in the general kids film.

People posted a lot of funny things about Hans' rejection of Anna, saying 'if only someone loved you.' But when it got to that part in the movie, it was really anti-climatic, and I didn't see what so many people got so upset about. From that point on, Hans actually became my favourite character!

By the time it got to the trolls' number when Anna and Kristoff arrive after visiting Elsa, I skipped straight through it. The first few lines were enough to convince me that the songwriter(s) had given up entirely for this film, and weren't going to bother. The very last section when Kristoff and Anna make their way back to the castle to the end was the best section of the film in my opinion, and the rest was cringeworthy.

The animation was similarly bad. There were several moments where it just felt so sloppy. I couldn't believe this was from Disney, whose animation is not exactly top-of-the-line all the time, but this was nearly scary. A lot of water and hair seemed slap-dash, though much of the snow was excellent.

I don't want to say that it was all because there was a lot of expectation on my part, because though I did look forward to the movie (winter is a favourite theme of mine), I wanted to wait and see the thing before I actually made a decision to like it or not. And while I can say I didn't totally dislike it, I'm not eager to see it again. Overall it felt short and bland, with nothing really remarkable that sticks out in my mind. It could have been so much better!!