Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Bathroom Mystery

My sister and I share a 'Jack and Jill' bathroom. One door leads to my room, and a second door on the opposite wall leads to my sister's bedroom. We've recently moved into the house, nearly two years ago, with the rest of the family. The bathroom was one of the nicest things about the house for us, at least for me, since it looked newly redone, freshly painted a nice purple, with a nice white bathtub, and a corner closet, with clean white tile. It seemed a nice step up from our last bathroom that always felt grungy.

Move in, though, and it's not so great. Unlike the master bathroom across the hall, which as a window, this one had the window covered by the surround on the tub. Sometimes you can hear the panes rattling through the wall. This 'nice' bathroom gets stuffy easily, and often smells of mildewing cloth, and I've literally scrubbed it down every day for a week straight, and no cleaner gets rid of it. The plumbing has caused no end of trouble, with the sink and tub often failing to drain - while we've been able to fix the sink [repeatedly] with unclogging products, the tub has never fully drained correctly.

For the past year now, both my sister and I have been complaining to ourselves about the habits of the other. I've said how much I hate it that she just leaves all her washcloth piling up, layered over one another on the rail, when things get mouldy easily here. She constantly leaves damp towels piled up behind the door to my bedroom - as in, more than ten at a time. She often showers before leaving in the morning, so I thought that's simply where she would leave them.

This afternoon, however, I found out that she's been thinking the same thing about me! She thought I was the one leaving the washcloths and the towels behind, and said that she was getting really sick of me leaving all these things in the floor or piled up by the sink, or on the rail. Neither of us had told each other outright to stop doing these things because, somewhat childishly I think, both of us figured the other would eventually stop doing it when it got so obvious. O.O

The thing is, I don't shower in that bathroom. I keep my towel hung over a closet door in my room. She showers in that bathroom, and keeps her towel hung over a bar in her closet. I don't use a washcloth to wash my face, and leave my washcloth in the other bathroom that I shower in. She uses a single washcloth for her face, and reuses it, then puts it in her bedroom with the rest of her laundry. Neither of us leaves our towels in the bathroom, period. So where are all of these towels coming from??? It's not just one or two, it's ten or more at a time! And neither of us leave washcloths there - so why were there so many?

After discussing this and getting a good giggle out of it before we realized how weird it was, we went back to the bathroom. There was a pile of towels behind my door as usual, and washcloths on the rail. They looked used, as though with a lot of makeup, like splotches of pinks, reds, browns and blacks, like lipstick or mascara would. Some were soaking wet still. There were over 20 towels and cloths in there today. We've decided to observe carefully over the next week, and be careful of where we put things, and tell each other where we put things. Try to figure out where all these things are coming from!

Definitely an odd mystery. . . . hopefully we can get it resolved so we don't have so much laundry all the time!!