Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Cross Stitch Update and the Cleaning Bug Bites!

The cleaning bug finally bit me! I got started on my Winter Cleaning - sort of like Spring Cleaning - and got loads done in one evening. I've sorted out my clothes properly for the first time in a long while, and ended up with two full bags of stuff I need to either give away or cut up for new projects. I tend toward the latter since I hate having to go buy more fabric, but I don't want to hang onto everything. Therefore I came up with a provisional bag - one is definitely get rid of, the second has the pieces I could possibly rework at the top, and I'll keep it for a few months to see if I ever really do get around to using them. If not, I'll get rid of them so they won't keep cluttering me up.

I also made a compilation of all the books I've bought at second-hand stores - the Friends of the Library, really, though there were a few purchases from thrift stores. I have nearly 50 books bought since June! I don't know for sure before that, since I didn't mark them down. But that's really quite a lot of books in six months! Unfortunately my books actually read list isn't nearly so impressive. >_<

It's time to update the list of cross stitch! This list is comprised of all my cross stitch projects, finished or not - those that aren't done yet are marked with a single asterisk. Each link goes to the most recent update of the project named, excepting Larkspurs, the Valentine Heart, and the Hogwarts Crest. Next post, I'll have photos of them to finally add to my blog!

A - Lady Autumn*
C - Carousel Horse, Halloween*
D - Dessert of the Month Club*
HHalloween Motif Pumpkin, Hogwarts Crest
I - I'm Late! I'm Late! (White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland)
L - Larkspurs* (Flower of the Month for July)
V - Valentine Heart
W - Welcome*, Winter Maiden*, Woodland Sampler*
This is more a collection of what I've posted about on the blog - the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland is an old finish, but one that's on the blog. Larkspurs is similar. The rest though are pretty recent works! The major changes are moving the Mini Desserts to D instead of M by using it's proper title, and the addition of the two Mirabilia Maidens as separate pieces. The Woodland Sampler has been added, the pattern I intend to stitch for another Hogwarts Crest is deleted. You can see the old list here.

My main goal in the coming months then is to finish up all the projects already on this list - get rid of all the little stars that say 'not quite there yet.' As you can see, that's really all the list is so far - there are maybe two on there that are completed.

I'll get to work on scanning some photos, as well as updating the Completed Works page. I don't know what happened there, but I know had much more on there than I do right now. I'll have to mess around with it for a bit to get it to where I want it, and then it'll be up and ready for all to see! Until then -