RotG Returns and Review of Santa Clause 3!

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Well I am pleasantly surprised - my review of Rise of the Guardians got the most hits on my blog than most other posts have in the past month or so. Thank you! In honour of that, I've decided I'll write up a review on a movie that I watched for the first time recently, and ties in with what I was talking about on my post about Rise of the Guardians.

I had talked some about my annoyance with the portrayal of winter in movies. Listing for example the White Witch from the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and the Snow Queen from Hans Christian Anderson's story. To add to this list officially is the Jack Frost of Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause.

Note: This is not a 'full review' or a recap that outlines everything that occurred. This is just mainly the big points, and even then, with Jack Frost's big plot to take over and what happened after he 'succeeded' I don't discuss in favour of other points that I did want to discuss.

This guy. . . . is basically the most classic example of Winter Did It.

In many ways, this movie is rather like Rise of the Guardians. In the bad, concept failed, sort of way. There is a Council of Legendary Figures, including Father Time, Mother Nature, the Tooth Fairy, the Sand Man, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Cupid, and Jack Frost. The difference between the movies here though is the way these characters are portrayed. The Easter Bunny is some awful costume suit that makes no apologies for how badly done it is, with a horrible wriggly 'sniffing' nose.

Cupid is a badly computerized man with a 'toga' and wings, and nothing else as he is proud to ignore the suggestion he wear a diaper since he's flying above everyone else. Nice. The Sand Man actually isn't all that bad, compared to the others, wearing a long nightcap and always on the verge of falling asleep. Mother Nature is a dark-skinned woman with an absolutely gorgeous headdress, with bundles of kindling the bounty of the Earth strapped around her waist. Tooth Fairy just has dentist's tools in his pockets and dinky wings that make an occasional appearance. I guess the budget ran out when they got around to him. Father Time wasn't bad, and I think that's because he didn't have many lines to destroy his character with. Wait, does he speak at all?

The whole of the movie is about strengthening the relationship between Mr. and the new Mrs. Claus. There's a baby on the way and parents to invite and the decision to make on whether or not to allow more people into the know that Santa Claus really exists. The way they get there though is the classically annoying path that I was speaking of earlier - it's all Winter's fault.

The Council, with a paper cutout of the vain Jack Frost in the back
In a way similar to Rise of the Guardians, Jack Frost is left on the outside pretty much. The excuse he has for being jealous of Santa Claus is that he doesn't have a holiday, he just heralds a season. The interesting thing about that though is that the vast majority of the rest of the Council don't have holidays either. Mother Nature doesn't exactly have a holiday. Neither do the Tooth Fairy, the Sand Man, and technically not Cupid either, though he'd have more to do on Valentine's Day. Father Time doesn't have a holiday of his own, unless you want to use New Year's. The only ones on the Council therefore that have obvious holidays they work towards all year would be the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. So not exactly a plausible reason for JF to be all that jealous.

His plot to overthrow Santa Claus involves the Hall of Snow Globes, which have the power to remove a Santa Claus from his position - he just has to hold his snow globe and say that he wishes he had never become Santa Claus. Then he gets stuck back in his previous life as though nothing had ever happened - but with all the same time passed. So it's been 12 years since Scott Calvin became Santa Claus. Reversing his decision to be Santa means that he gets stuck into his world 12 years after he made that decision. He doesn't go back 12 years and start over, he just appears in the middle of whatever conversation he would have been having had he never become Santa, without the same knowledge he would have had if those 12 years had been spent a regular human. A little. . . . weird.

So Jack wants to become Santa in Scott's stead, sending Scott back to whatever world he would have otherwise had, and become famous. The movie takes a lot of time showing his hijinks, overheating the oven so the cakes burn, speeding up printing so the lists of naughty and nice come pouring out and fills up the room with paper, makes a coffee machine blow up - relatively small mischievous actions. These all build up and back the workshop right up so they're running behind on Christmas Eve. Mrs. Claus' parents have been invited to the Pole and the workshop so that she can be with them during her pregnancy, and they've somehow been able to fool both of her parents that they are actually just in Canada.

There are some funny/cute moments, but most of it was dull. But then the end came - after the whole Jack Frost takeover and reversal of his takeover so technically nothing ever happened - and they had to 'fix' Frost. His heart has to be melted so he can be kind and loving again - because being of Winter, it needs destroying, or fixing like he's broken. His entire appearance cracks and melts away until he's left in an entirely different suit of white, and his hair is dark and smooth.

I suppose I'm just overreacting to a badly done film. But it would be nice to have a change up in the plotline. Couldn't it have been a warm spirit? Something of the summer that was jealous of the festivities in winter? That would have worked just as well as twisting Jack Frost into some greedy 'legendary figure' that wanted to steal Christmas - which is another overused theme.

On another thread altogether, my computer is currently in a bad state - it's been broken pretty badly, and I can't use it at the moment. It may be possible to fix it, though I won't know for sure until I've taken it by a repair shop. Right now I'll be posting off another computer, like I'm doing now, which I can only use about twice a week at most, as it belongs to another person in my family. I'll be writing another post today updating my cross stitch - which has come along in amazing ways!! - so the two days will be lots-of-posts days. Until later!