Saturday, 7 December 2013

I Wore Lolita Out for a Day!

'Kay, so it wasn't a full outfit, but I got to wear my Lolita cuffs! I wore a short, puffy-skirt dress and a shrug over the top, the skirt and shrug both being black, and my hair up, as well as both cuffs. They were comfortable, and only one came off when I was helping put a baby seat in the van late in the evening. Whoop! I got plenty of looks, but only my Grandpa asked about 'my wristlets,' and said they should be on gloves the way they looked. :DD Very happy with them, they made me cheerful all day. Even losing one of my handmade ear cuffs didn't dampen my day.

To brighten my day, I also got my computer back from the repair shop, and it's all fixed! I only dropped it off yesterday, and it turned out it was a simple fix, and got a call around ten this morning to let me know it was ready to go. Hoorah! They're a good place; my brother and sister both got computers from there in the past. I'll have to just remember it's name. . . .  DX How do you use a place and know it's reliable, and not recall the name?!

While out at Staples - only to buy ink, my mother and I told ourselves - we realized just how much good chocolate is available there. We literally spent $30 on chocolate alone. Just the chocolate. And every bit of it is totally worth it!! We only buy dark chocolate, with small sugar amounts as a general rule - all that means is you get to eat more. XD There are chocolates with caramel, there are Godiva dark chocolate truffles, pomegranate and blueberry filled chocolates, salted almond chocolate squares, and it's all delicious! At the grocery store we picked up some sushi, and had that for lunch, so literally today was as good as it can get. It's a pity I need to lose weight. :( I gained a lot over Thanksgiving, which literally never happens, and I didn't even eat that much, but somehow it's there. New resolution to plan! Haha. I'll be fat and happy just a little longer.

There's fruitcake to make at some point too. We usually get that started at Thanksgiving and 'baste' it with alcohol until Christmas - the way you're supposed to make fruitcake. Here it is now the 12th of December, and we still haven't made any. I think Mother's still debating making it with wheat flour or not that has caused the delay. But we'll have to make some soon or we'll miss out on it entirely!

We did find an excellent eggnog - Southern Comfort brand. Tastes like cake doughnuts to me, honestly. And not having had a cake doughnut in nearly two years, that's a huge bonus for me. My sister says it's just the nutmeg, but I really don't care, as long as it's delicious! Grandmother had it, and I noticed. I like to keep an eye out for good eggnog as there have been a lot of brands in the past with high fructose corn syrup in them. This one doesn't, so I'm definitely happy to have it!
I'm just happy today. And that's a good thing. Beats being other things! Sorry for the picture-less post, I'll have to update you all soon with a massive post of photos. >:D Until then, though, here's this short little post to keep the blog from getting dusty. Thanks for reading it, go have some chocolate, smile a lot, and be happy that winter's here!