Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Adam!

It's nearly Christmas Adam! That's the 23 of December - since there's Christmas Eve, there should be a Christmas Adam, right? Or at least, that's the tradition in my family. There was a gathering and food and even horrible country and 70s karaoke as well as football and lots of little kids today that left everyone worn out, and we'll meet again tomorrow! I finally got the gifts I'm giving wrapped up, though I'm sure there will be more wrapping to do before Christmas Eve arrives properly.

Winter Solstice was great. I mean, just what better time of the year is there?? None, honestly. Just a fabulous night, and though it still hasn't gotten cold enough to snow, and rained mostly for the past two days, I never felt better. I got the last 'draft' of my New Year's Resolutions drawn up, my book list and cross stitch plans laid out and ready, and all I have to do is enjoy the season fully! I wish I had done something more festive for the Solstice, but ah well. We had luminaries planned, but the rain gave that idea a check.

The blog has gotten another facelift, with another column added to the left so I could split stuff up and fit all the things I need to fit in up where you can locate them! I also designed a new picture for the header, and got busy with the colours. Hope you like them! The header is my inspiration for the next half of my NaNoWriMo book - I know November is over, but my book isn't, and I'm still writing it! There's going to be plenty of that lovely winter goodness with extra additions of Korean culture, so it's just about the most perfect inspiration picture ever for it. I thought it'd be nice to put it here as well where it matches well with the winter palette. (:

On cross stitching, I've gotten all the brown in the border around Winter's Maiden completed! There are just the corners to fill in, and the actual label 'Winter' to stitch in at the bottom - the wintery branches at the top are nearly finished now. I was this close to choosing another colour than the one used in the pattern. I think it looks too green for a Winter portrait. But, in the end, I decided against it, and went ahead. It looks better the further I go, so I suppose that's a good thing. I did actually rip out her gloves though - I hate them. They look too yellow to me. Blues, purples, fainter creams. . . . anything but that yellow!! So two steps forward, one step back on that front. DX

So, everyone, have a good Christmas Adam, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day! For those outside of America, have a good Boxing Day as well, and should you have other holidays coming up before New Year here, I hope you have a joyful and enjoyable day then as well! Blessings to you all in this season of Winter, and see you soon!