Stitchy Plans!

I've gotten a few things all lined up and ready to go! As well as having started on them, but hey.

First, I have to get it out of my system: Lolita.

There I said it.

I'm not going to go into the whole origins of the fashion, as that's a bit of a sore spot with people disagreeing or agreeing or thinking it's wrong or whatever - you can look that up and take it as you wish. I'm taking it as it is today: a totally awesome fusion fashion that is just gorgeous.

The main goal of the whole outfit is to make the wearer look as youthful and doll-like as possible. This is mostly achieved with a Victorian-esque look, so lots of lace, and lots of that style of clothing. Long sleeves, high collars, but skirts usually hit about two inches or so above the knee - no longer than the knee itself, like a child's skirt or a doll's.

This is obviously only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a fashion, of course. There are many branches - Angelic Pretty, Sweet Lolita, Gothic Lolita, etc. There are even other countries' styles, including Qi Lolita and Wu Lolita that are Chinese versions of the Lolita style, incorporating Chinese themes in place of Japanese. Because that is where it all started - Japan.

Along with Harajuku, Japan is rather well known for their odd and quirky fashion statements, but this is one I just absolutely adore. It incorporates so much of what I like and strive for - beauty, elegance, innocence, all wrapped up into one. Acting childlike and sweet is all part of Lolita, though you don't have to. Mary Janes or thick-heeled pumps, petticoats, bloomers, fluffy full skirts, it's just so. . . . so . . . . Awesome!

I've been a fan of Lolita for a while, keeping an eye on the image searches for new pictures of more Goth Lolis and Sweet Lolis and. . . . it just keeps going! And with my latest sort-of-success with my Hanbok, I finally realized - I can make this myself.

So I am! I have already completed one piece, lace cuffs that are a common thing in nearly all the branches of Lolita style. I have a skirt that's pinned together, prepped for sewing, as well as a petticoat made of yards and yards of tulle. There's a coat that's still in the planning stage - I have limited fabric at the moment, so I want to be sure of what I want, and there are so many attractive coats out there that I'm having trouble choosing. I definitely want a hood, though I would also like to have a cape bit to it. At any rate, it won't likely be a very warm coat since the options are everyday fabrics, nothing thick or woolen. I don't mind really - I hardly get out and about enough to warrant a jacket, and I've got five of those!

My lace cuffs:

Posted on DeviantArt with more info!
I'm thinking about dressing up the bonnet I have, though that will take a trip to the store for more lace. I've asked for fabric alone this year as Christmas gifts - I want to be able to create as much as I can before I run out of ideas!! Though that is unlikely. ^.^

Yes, I know my cross stitching blog is turning more into a crafting blog for anything with a needle, as well as reviews for everything else that doesn't, but - hey it says it up there, right under the title: Cross Stitching, Musing, and Living. That's sort of a broad span, right? Right? Stick around cross stitchers, I'll have updates for you yet! (: