Thursday, 14 November 2013

Return of the Maidens! + Crafty Plans

So for the past few days, I've been alternating working on my NaNoWriMo novel and stitching my Winter Maiden. May I just say how much I love stitching? You can listen to music, or language lessons, or a movie, or just about anything else and you can still feel like you're 'doing something.' One of the things I love to do is play silly games on Facebook - like Candy Crush - while I listen to my language lessons. Win-win situation! Stitching is like that. I can get things done that I can look at later and say 'see, I did something with my time' rather than reaching the end of another day with nothing materially accomplished.

It's a nicely narrowed down bunch of colours I'm working with on the lower side of the Maiden. Instead of the many colour switches up at the top, there are swaths of colour to work where I don't have to stop and restart with a new colour (though there are some of those anyway) as soon. Which means more can get done quickly! I had a sort of vague dream that I would have this project finished by the end of this year, but that's a very ambitious dream at this point, especially with the novel on the other hand taking up time that could have been spent stitching. Since I equally enjoy the working of both, it's difficult to pick which one I'm going to do!

With Mirabilia and the novel, I don't think I'll pick up the Woodland Sampler again until December at the earliest. Then I'll have the time taken by the novel freed up (mostly) so I'll be able to fill it with another project, though that may or not happen. I've also got to find the time to either buy or create an ornament for this year's leftover threads! I think some people call them ort jars? As you stitch, when you bind off ends and such, you end up with little scraps of thread that you can't use. And I've been dutifully collecting that for a few months now, so I've got quite a good bit to deal with. I had thought of just stitching it up into a little cushion-y thing, maybe with one of the little Christmas ornament patterns I got from the Goodwill stash bag I got a while ago, but my Mother reminded me they make clear glass ornaments for precisely that reason. Well, maybe not for putting thread bits in, but so you can fill it with what you like! So that's a possibility too. Hopefully the trip to the appropriate store for such an ornament will also mean an awesome fabric buy too for -

The clothes stitching bug has hit again! Yes, I did not exhaust my creativity with the finishing of my first grand-scale clothing project. I've messed around with some fabric this evening and got a dress in the works - repurposing a damaged skirt so there's just a top to create and attach.

And I'm going to make another Hanbok jeogori. It's just going to happen. I'd love to make another Hanbok. Who am I kidding, I'd love to make SEVERAL more Hanbok. I've got so many ideas - a summer version with light colours and curved sleeves like more modern styles, a winter version/coat with fur trim and maybe try my hand at that funny hat! Don't even get me started on fusion Hanbok (traditional pieces mixed with modern pieces), because I might as well open a business before I could explore all the possibilities there. Seriously.

Summery version with curved sleeves:

Gorgeous fusion

Funny hat:

I just don't have the fabric for another skirt (yet). I have enough for at least one more Jeogori, probably two or three, but right now I'm a little limited by the fact that I only have the one skirt. I could make another out of the same fabric since I have a lot left, but two skirts of the same colour would be a waste of time. I did take a look at the Habitat store, which is where I got the purple fabric in the first place, but none of the few bolts they had available appealed. Which is fine, since its purpose isn't a fabric store, but I had hoped for more good luck in that department! Getting a lot of good quality fabric like that for cheap isn't going to happen often.

Lately my 2013 Resolutions List has been on prominent display, though I did really well this year in not once losing it! I usually lose it for a few months every year, and have it reappear right around the end of December. This time I've managed to keep the sprites who have been stealing everything else from nicking it too (somehow. I'd love to know the trick), and I've got about ten finished. Six to go! Anyone else been keeping an eye on their Resolutions? It's almost time to start thinking about making new ones. O.O

Pictures of the Mirabilia will have to come tomorrow. I'll have to try the scanner method again! I may scan all my works that I can and replace pictures in older posts for clarity. XD I'll also work on the dress and get photos of that process up for any who might be interested. Cheers!