NaNoWriMo and the After Halloween Crash

Wow was everyone fun the day after Halloween. Candy hangovers should have cures like alcohol does! I didn't want any candy the day of, but next day I was wolfing down chocolate like there was no tomorrow. Seriously. Apparently that does wonders for the imagination, because all night I had wacky dreams about writing novels.

So what does one do after a night of novels? She gets up and joins National Novel Writing Month, of course. See my word counter up there? Six thousand words baby. 8D Want to have a shot at it? Sign up online (totally free, with charts to keep track of your word counts) here.

Today was mostly spent out and about, dealing with screaming baby brothers, and writing. My brain's not quite wrung out yet, so I'll probably get some revising of what I'm planning to write going, and maybe pick up some stitching before bed. Luckily I've discovered a few K-Pop songs that I'm absolutely addicted to that will get me writing - namely NU'EST's Sleep Talking, Tasty's MaMaMa, and Ladies' Code's Hate You. Those are all mixed up in my playlist, but I'll keep them on rerun somehow!

I'll try to get back in the swing of posting regularly again, and picking back up with the Freebies Spotlight. I like to think that'll make it easier to locate the patterns anyone will be trying to find, so that'll keep going until someone begs me to stop being annoying. XD