Thursday, 28 November 2013

I Burned My Face Off + Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now it is time for the Christmas traditions to kick in, full speed ahead! Our particular traditions are made up of watching Scrooge at some point after dinner on Thanksgiving - which we have done, watching our favourite adaptation of it being the one with Patrick Stewart as Ebenezer Scrooge. The Grandparents love the version with Al Finney, the musical version of Scrooge, but not being huge fans of musicals, and preferring book-to-screen accuracy rather than another jazzy number down the streets, we all much prefer Patrick Stewart's version.

Tomorrow means putting up the Christmas Tree! This year we've gotten a new tree, since the old one has been with us for several years - I want to say ten, but I'm no longer sure. DX We also got two small trees, the kind designed for setting out on the front porch. Mother is set on the idea of having a small tree for the small and fragile ornaments so these little guys are probably going to be in the house rather than on the porch. It's also the year for buying new lights, lighted garlands to go outside rather than just bare strands. O.O Before long we'll have to buy more ornaments - no, I highly doubt that will ever happen. Too many boxes of them! Which luckily we get to bring upstairs tomorrow to work off the Thanksgiving food. XD
Now for the interesting bit. I burned my face off. Yes, quite literally. And no, it wasn't for being foolish and trying to fry a turkey.

Lately I've been using AcneFree, basically Proactive but available at Walmart. It's been effective on my face, though rough - I've taken to putting my own lotion on top of the lotion they give you, since that dries out my face more than the wash does!! Anyway, they warn you that it will make your skin sensitive to the sun, and so you should wear some form of protection.

Yesterday, we went out for the last things we needed for Thanksgiving dinner, and I decided not to put on any foundation makeup. I didn't even think about it. It was a particularly sunny day, though cold, so we were all bundled up. As we drive down the road and make our first stop, my sister and Mother went in while I waited in the car. My face just burned. It was like my face was scraped raw and on fire all at the same time. Then I remembered the warning on my face wash. I pulled out my cellphone and called them in the store, and asked them to pick up a BB cream or something with sunscreen in it (BB creams all have sunscreen in them). They bought a bottle of True Match foundation, which had a light sunscreen in it, about 17 SPF, and I put that on in the car.

I had literally burned a layer of skin off - it was all dead and dry, and looked terrible in the makeup, but I went out and finished our shopping. It was painful just to rest my face on the pillow last night! Ugh, not making that mistake again, I certainly hope. I'm all pink and new for Thanksgiving, at least. DX

On the cross stitching front, I've nearly gotten to the very base of Winter's Maiden - within a row or two of stitches!! Finally, getting close to the end of this Maiden! Perhaps after all the music, decorating, and trees of tomorrow, I'll be able to get a picture up of her.

Now to eat the rest of the turkey. . . . Happy Thanksgiving all!