Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Freebies Spotlight: Dragons

Welcome to Freebies Spotlight! Rather than just listing them all to the side, I'll also give you posts you can look for so you know exactly where to find what you want to stitch. And of course the obvious starting point is one many people and stitchers love to capture: Dragons.

First up are 47 Dragons (and the occasional Dinosaur) courtesy of Jessica Tromp. They're very simple, and at least some of them are from games, I believe. Only a few of them come with legends to show what colours to use for the piece, while the rest are for you to decide what colours to use. Here's a sampling of what you will find on her site:

Here are some simple, cute key chain pieces from a French blog.

Cross Stitch Patterns.net has a fine selection of free Dragons for those who want something more involved and detailed., as well as the cute Dragon that I posted about near the start of my blog.

If you want dragons for the Christmas season, look no further than Carand88 on DeviantART.

And also thanks to Carand88, these 'Nebula Dragons' are fabulous dragons to stitch as a set or individually.

Next is Teresa Wentzler herself, in the form of her freebies page! As many good designers do, a page of free patterns is provided for those who'd like a taste of her style without the cost of a pattern. Among these are the popularly stitched 'Stretch the Magic Dragon' and my personal favourite of hers "Tempest in a Tea Cup."

There you are! These are all the dragon links I currently have to free patterns. If you know of any others, please post a link that I may add to the ever-growing list and pass them on to stitchers looking for a magical creature to stitch! More Spotlights to follow soon!