Friday, 19 July 2013

Jumbled Friday

Friday is here again. O.O

Yesterday was havoc. It was weird, and freaky, and just totally out of wack. There must have been some bad energies floating around or something, but the world just went topsy-turvy yesterday. Yesterday our Great Uncle Harry passed away.

It was crazy. All children were gathered up at another relative's condo, between a lake and a swimming pool. I went over with some family to deliver food and drinks, and volunteered to watch over the ragamuffins while the house was cleaned and other family members flitted in and out. On top of all that, another person in the family had a heart attack and had to be airlifted out to a hospital. He seems to be doing much better, but we're all still a little on edge, waiting for a phone call that may or may not come. People were waiting in hospitals and with kids, planning burial and hoping not to make it a double. And now we just rest at home. Bad things nearly always come in threes, so everybody keep yourselves safe alright??

So here we are on Friday. It seems to have come too fast and yet too slow. As though another week was squeezed in yesterday.

Today called for calming activities, so I scanned a bunch of my art that I've done over the years (only the pieces that are the best of what I had done, so it's not scary!) and put them on my DeviantArt account. It only had three completed portraits on there, and a scrap piece, so it was a little empty and lonely. XD Now I've got six more pieces in there - and only one of them another portrait - so it's looking much better now. I've added a few more folders as well to keep everything organized. Mostly it's dragons. I love drawing dragons! There's some really cute geese over there too, begging to be looked at and appreciated so stop by and check out my gallery! (:

Apart from that, I've been going through thread which is a surprisingly calm activity despite not usually having the colours I want. XD I finally found the package of white that I bought! And my MP3 player, which has been missing since I got my D-Unit CD. Yay! Thread. Right. I've got nearly all I need for this pattern, a Hogwarts crest that is just absolutely perfect, though I'm going to be making some changes to it. It's a famous one by 'littlemojo' that is just a stunning piece of art. This is a free pattern! It's located over on The Leaky with all their other needlework. If you happen to visit and are wondering which of the many versions of the crest this is, it is under Hogwarts Crest V3 by littlemojo.

Stitched by White-Freedom on DeviantArt

Isn't it beautiful? This piece is actually done with one of the changes I wanted to make - in the original, the Hufflepuff Badger (lower left) has the background stitched up in dark blue. As Hufflepuff's colours are yellow and black, I don't understand that colour choice. I'm going to user a darker blue for Ravenclaw (lower right), and a green closer to the background green the stitcher did around the crest itself for Slytherin (upper right). Gryffindor's looks fine with the red it is, so I'll leave that.

Stitcher located here. Book used for scale
See the original colours here? Interesting choice for the Huffles. And it's huge! This stitcher also filled in the background with green - since all the outlines are in black, and both of these pieces were stitched on black, they filled in with green for contrast and visibility (there are plenty where this piece was worked on white or cream cloth!). Definitely looking forward to this one, no matter how many changes I'm going to have to make with it. Hah!

Anyway, that's my update for the weekend. I hope you enjoy yours, I hope I enjoy mine, and may your stitching be tangle free! Until Wednesday, unless something else happens that needs posting. Please check out my art, keep checking back here on my blog, and keep stitching! ~x~