Wednesday, 26 June 2013

WIPs and Celestial Dragon

Look at what arrived today!

Not mine, but a close up of the finished piece
What the pattern book looks like

I ordered this as a late birthday gift to myself. I was a little disappointed by the face - finally seeing it up close it looks a little too cutesy for my liking as dragons go, but the rest of it is just as captivating as it was the first time I saw it. The pattern itself is  8 pages long, with the back of the booklet serving the detail for the characters in each corner (the upper left meaning 'Happiness,' the upper right meaning 'Longevity,' the lower left meaning 'Virtue,' and the lower right meaning 'Wisdom.') The inside cover and first page are the thread list and general instructions, as per usual with a pattern. It looks as though there are a lot of half stitches, not just in the characters, but around the dragon in the gold circular border where it meets blue.

Nice as it is right? Think again! This gorgeous colour change has me thinking twice about using the same blue scheme! What about that red huh? Just stunning. I think it makes the face look a little fiercer, but that may be just me. I wish the author of the site/stitcher of this piece had posted the colours she was using, because I would love to do it too! I suppose I could try emailing in for a colour list.

Find this work here.

I'll have to think again whether or not I want to keep the original blue! I'm thinking either reds or dark green into blacks. Perhaps for this piece I'll bend a little and put it on the T spot in my A-Z cross stitch list!

On the WIP front this week, I'll have to start working on one today. After finishing the Valentine Heart, I've taken a bit of a break, and nothing's been catching my eye. Hopefully the CD I ordered along with this Dragon will come in tomorrow and I'll have some new songs to stitch to!