UFO Fridays - V-Day Heart

Well, I suppose I must put down my Mirabilia for the UFOs, at least for Fridays. On the plate for today? My Valentine Heart is begging to get done, and as it's in the same stage of completion as my Halloween project was, it should be an easy finish. What's even better is that it's all one colour!

What is with me and uncompleted Holiday UFOs?

Anyway. My Tuesday post is going to be something completely different from what I was writing - I figured it would be better to review another drama that I had completed watching, and continue to watch the one I had intended to talk about. I think it'll just end up being next Tuesday's post, and continue to stitch some more over the weekend. So this was a short post, but I'll have much more to post about come next week!

P.S. - I've added a new page to the blog! All of my finally finished projects are to be posted there from now on, with information such as how long it took me to complete, what colours and alterations I made, and where I got the patterns. As pieces are finished, more will be added, so keep an eye on it!