Thursday, 25 April 2013


The Freebies list I promised is added at last! It's over there on the side, underneath the tags. All of them are pretty high quality patterns (by this I mean detailed, intricate, on the larger side, or appeals to my sense of beauty), but there are also some simpler, cuter ones. I tried to describe some of them a little where I felt they needed it, and there are a few links to the same blog or website but on different pages (e.g. Oriental Designs from the Spanish Blog is a page of the blog Punto De Cruz Gratis that I have on there separately). I hope that by doing so you can better see which patterns and themes you'll be interested in rather than just a bunch of 'Various Patterns' links and whole websites to trawl through for your preferred themes. There should be plenty more added as time goes by - searching for free patterns has become somewhat of a hobby of mine! I especially love holiday themed ones, and series of patterns, so look to see more of that type added soon.

I've thought about doing a 'blog roll,' or a list of the blogs I read, but I don't read all that many. I mean, I love reading People I Want To Punch In The Throat for a good laugh whenever I need one, but I don't follow many blogs. Maybe it has something to do with my perpetual avoidance of routinely doing something. DX

Stitching updates: I've been doing the leaves and upper border on Mirabilia one thread colour at a time - stitching all of this colour, then moving on to the next colour - because the shading on so many small objects was killing me. I'm nearly finished with outlining her necklace, but there's still plenty to do with filling in the blending on the sleeves and fruits. I'm debating pulling out the blend colour I did for the wheat sheaves and replacing them with a separate, solid colour. The obviousness of the blending is bugging me. Even more so because it's going to be a major colour in the leaves above, and the last thing I want to do is a bunch of big pieces with a blend that doesn't work. *Sigh.*

On Winter's side, I've started the snowflake-like beading, but with ultra-bright white. Then I'll be stitching in where the beads go on the original pattern (no beads on my work this time!) around the branches. Winter has branches, Autumn has leaves. I'm going to be working from the top down on Winter, I know for certain, continuing the lines from Autumn's border and starting from the top of Winter's head. I've also been thinking that I'll keep the blue scheme. Perhaps it can show others what it looks like when you use the recommended colours instead of the discontinued Needlepaints. So many replacements!!! Will I ever keep track of them all? One thing though is that I'm not sure that the model piece for the cover of the pattern was stitched in DMC for Autumn's side. The colours are so much brighter and richer on this side of the border - it looks paler and more brown on the pattern picture. Hmm....

I know I promised a picture on this round, but I really want to get the upper border done at least before I snap a shot and post it, so you can really see the progress on this piece. I've really slowed down with the leaves, but hopefully I'll get back up to speed soon. Though it's been on my mind lately of what I'm going to do with this work when I'm finished with it! Just frame it and leave it? Make it into....something? What would you do with your work if you did something this big? What have you done in the past with special pieces like this? Let me know, I'd love the input!