Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve!

Welcome Yule!

What a great time of year. Here it's been drizzly and foggy all day long, which is awesome weather in my humble opinion. And boy has it been a busy time of year! I volunteer with the kids' group at a local church, which meant that my family and I attended the service yesterday as the children were putting on a second little Christmasy skit. The boys were Wise Men, and the girls dressed up as angels (their nativity play was last weekend, on the 16th). While the kids were all great, the guy they had as a guest 'speaker' of sorts to deliver the sermon is a complete newbie - literally just enrolled in a program to learn how to be a preacher. I very nearly fell asleep with boredom. The poor chap kept rambling on and on, going off topic a thousand times, flipping back and forth and back and forth through his Bible, and finally when it came time for the closing prayer, his phone went off. DX

Mentally drained from the morning, we all had to go straight into the car and begin an hour+ long drive to Greenville SC, to attend a wonderful concert our Grandparents had bought tickets for. Baby sibling stayed at home with them, while we drove out. Greenville definitely is a gorgeous place, and the concert hall was stunning. Really a privilege to be there!! Our spot was great too, up on a balcony, nearly dead center, so you could see everything and hear everything perfectly.

Photo taken from my Mother's phone
Not the best picture, but gives you an idea!
Now today we had the annual family reunion at a local church gym (with kitchen and dining attached of course!). It was better than previous years for us, now that we've grown up a little since the last time we attended (about four years ago), and everyone has come out of our shells more!
And that's not everything we've got yet. My Grandmother loves the candle-lit Christmas Eve service at the church I'm volunteering at, so if everyone's still in one piece we're attending that as well. Luckily it's not until 7 pm, so we've got some time to put our feet up and enjoy some Christmas cookies beforehand....but just thinking about going to that too is wearing me out. XD
Is everyone ready for the big day tomorrow? I've still got to wrap two presents. My bedroom closet has turned into a sort of catch-all for overflow presents, as I've got high shelves in each. A gift for each my Father and one brother are still waiting to be wrapped to go under the tree, so I'll have to get to that directly! The scarf for my mother is still undone, and probably is going to remain so....Perhaps if I work on nothing but for the rest of the day I could get to tasseling, but as the deadline draws nearer it seems there is more and more to do!
Finally, three cheers for K-Pop! My sister ordered Big Bang's Still Alive album for herself since she had the money to spend a little while back. Somehow or another, the order doubled, and today there were two albums in the mail! Here's mine:
Hardwood makes a comeback!
Yay for our first hardcopy of a CD from the K-Pop world! We do have two of 2NE1's albums, but they were purchased online, as MP3s, rather than getting the actual CD. Hopefully this is the first of many to be collected by these two K-Pop fans!
Here's hoping for a smooth evening, and much happiness to all! Have a good day tomorrow, everyone, and stay safe & warm! Merry Christmas, and Happy Yule to all of you!!